Back Again in Full Swing

This is exciting. New job as a first year internal medicine resident, new camera, and three builds planned. The only difference this time is I’m receiving some help from some amazing people. Kyle Van Derwart from VanDerwart Guitars in colorado, and Aaron Brown from Blackwater Guitars. Kyle’s helping me with some of the big cuts for the body and necks and Aarons helping me with precision slotting of the fingerboards and with some custom designed pickups which I’ve had in mind, mostly cosmetic stuff. The core pickups for the Koa will be my favorite Pathos pickups which are on my personal multiscale guitar. The ebony build will sport a low output neck pathos or dirt wizard pickup and Aarons Elder God Bridge pickup. These will be 26 scale length with ebony fretboards. The rest of the specs will be forthcoming.




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  1. Oscar Lundin says:

    I love that ebony top, where do you get that wood?? Will it be for sale?

    1. purelojik says:

      Hey Oscar, I got this top from they sometimes have some amazing tops on rare occasions. It was a bit expensive though. These guitars will most likely be for sale unless i fall deeply in love with them haha. Definitely one will be for sure but it will all be decided once they are completed

  2. Pete Brown says:

    Good to see you back in the blogosphere Alex. The guitars look fabulous!

    1. purelojik says:

      Thanks pete! It feels awesome starting back on these ones. I’m really excited for these ones!

  3. Dude, how do you do? Haven’t heard from you for a while now.

    1. purelojik says:

      Hey Frank! Man I’ve been so busy the past few months I haven’t had time to do anything. Plus now im in a state that has an actual winder so a lot of the stuff I wanna do with wood I can’t because chicago gets so cold. Tha KS for reaching out dude it’s always great to hear from you

      How have you been buddy?


      1. Frank says:

        Ah ok! Good to hear everything’s ok though! I’m currently working on a few commissioned builds and trying to grow with guitar building as an actual business. Still need some more references (finished guitars) and do some marketing to really get started. Don’t want to become rich – just want to do what I love. At the moment I’m still working four days a week as a media designer. Have a nice weekend Alex and may the weather turn into a more guitar-builder-friendly climate soon!

  4. Oscar Lundin says:

    Any news on the ebony one? Will it be for sale and more importantly will it ever get done? the GAS is real for that one.

    1. purelojik says:

      Hey Oscar! Yes! I’ve been super busy this year finishing up my first year of medical residency but I’m moving to Vegas to complete the last two years and theres a woodshop down the street that will let me rent time out by the month. So that and the Koa one should be finished sooner than later. I’ll update the blog with a big post cause there’s a lot of work that’s happened since. Thanks for following me dude it’s great to hear from you. I’m also on Instagram at @akm_guitarworks

  5. Patrick Renk says:

    Love seeing you return to building, good buddy! Your site is looking awesome. I still return often to read up on your Odies process.

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