Bodies & Necks

​A lot of progress has been made. Updates will probably be spaced farther apart compared to previous years,  but at least this time I’m taking the time to use a nice camera. I’m lucky to be here in Vegas. It seems opportunity has found me; Low rent, rentable and super affordable workshop nearby that’s ultra equipped with everything I need. I’d believed that i’d get a chance to build while in chicago and that i’d be there for a few years but as it turns out not only was there no rentable workspaces, I didn’t end up getting the job for the next year. In that time though I’d manage to hoard a substantial amount of rare and interesting species of wood which I’m able to actually use now. I might be over my head actually as there are too many projects I’d like to start but I have to be incredibly economical with my spare time. 

The smaller walnut guitar is slowly approaching the part where it actually starts looking like a guitar.  I’ve managed to somehow make 7 to 8 other bodies and these will occupy me for the next year and a half. Aaron Brown from blackwater guitars is helping me with some fretboard slotting and pickup making. Should be a really fun year for building.

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  1. Mariellasr says:

    Thanks for the forum.Really thank you! Fantastic. – Marlen

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