Proto 7 Progress

Each prototype gives me a chance to try out different techniques in guitar building. At the same time my goal is to minimize the total number of mistakes made in the process.  Here while. Gluing the neck despite a perfect fit to the fretboard,  I removed the drill bits from the fretboard too early after gluing and clamping.  This allowed the fretboard to shift counterclockwise about 1.5mm.which is barely perceptible but it bothered me so much that I had to figure out a solution to correct this without removing the fretboard for such a small issue. If i leave it as is the entire centerline shifts which affects the entire symmetry of the build which I cannot live with.  One solution was to grind up some Macassar dust and mix with epoxy, then fill and scrap to cover the distance. This too wasn’t an optimal solution. I bought some Macassar ebony binding from allied lutherie and decided it was perfect to not only hide the mistake but to offer the benefits of a no tang fretboard. If done correctly the binding should be barely perceptible. 

I’ve been trying to make the perfect neck pocket and neck template with Cad but can’t quite get it dead on. I’ve had to use a few strips of tape around the pocket to fit the neck to be snug. Good thing is it works but isn’t snug to the point of lifting off the body without coming undone. 

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