Chisel & Ebony

I’ve never constructed a flat, fender style headstock before. For some reason or another I’ve always knocked them and honestly now I don’t know why. I’m able to churn out a neck twice if not three times as fast as one with a scarf joint and theres far less chance for errors along the way. Downside is I need a much longer and thicker piece of wood. So far I’m loving the process. Another main difference is the fact that this style typically requires a little bit of wood behind the nut because the nut is embedded in the fretboard material itself. 

Right now I’m just waiting for the Macassar ebony binding to arrive so I can get a move on with the fretting process. The idea is to have the neck bound, radiused and fretted by the end of next week. Once that’s complete I’ll be able to carve the body,  route the controls cavity, and excitedly wait for the pickups from Aaron Brown from blackwater guitars who’s got something special in store for me. 

I’ll be applying the Odies Oil line of finishes to this build and I’m anticipating this Espave will look spectacular when oiled and waxed. That’s whats motivating this build and so far this build has taken a total of only about 10 hours. 

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