Sanding, Finishing and Fretwork

So I bought all the fretting tools I’d need from stewmac and realized they have the monopoly on lutherie tools. Aaron sent me some custom pickups and templates to use. Really cool of him to do that. He wound me a set of Elder Gods which I’ve been eager to test out. I’ve fallen in love with the voicing of the pathos and since these were made for lower tunings with higher gain id asked him to make me a set for this particular fan. If you haven’t had the chance to check out his work, either guitar or pickups, I highly recommend you do. Super stand up guy and one hell of a craftsman.

I’d remembered I’d read about fretwork and nut making but I’d never actually done it myself. I’d just had Joel do it for me. 

This time I was determined to do everything for myself since this was my 6 year anniversary guitar. It took a while but it wasn’t so bad. I’ll post a tutorial for finishing fast with Odie’s oil as well after this big post.

This guitar plays very well. I am happy with the results and it does sound fantastic with the Blackwater Elder Gods in it. I wired it with two volumes so I can blend tones. They are both coil tapped too so I can have spanky strat tones blended into the mix as well. Enjoy!

Final pics up next…

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