My Personal Guitar Off to Joel Grant!

It’s all done! I left the back roughed up and then skipped grits to smooth out while preserving the rough look. The top is super smooth. I used Waterlox Original for my personal build because I wanted to see how it stood up to the hype. It’s a great finish but smells horrible. I used…

Sabah/Bulletwood Neck Pt.2


Sabah/Bulletwood Neck Pt. 1

Sabah Ebony is so beautiful!                                                        The last picture is after the third coat of Odies oil 

Dirt Wizards by the BlackWater Guitar Co. 

Review by Alexander Mylavarapu I’ve found It’s often difficult for people-guitarists in particular- to deliberately venture out of their comfort zone. Not simply to be different or to stand apart from the crowd, but to find that something, that special something, which has the potential to change their musical world both positively and permanently. “Man, I need…

Angled Scarf Joint Complete

This was a really interesting scarf joint to cut. Typically when I cut a scarf joint my blade wanders a bit and its to be expected. This time im deliberately trying to make my blade wander. It turned out quite well and after cutting off some scrap Shedua I had lying around, I had a headpiece….

Buster Sword FF Carved

Adler is a joy to work with. My microplane rasps cut through it like butter. Now that all bodies for all guitars – somehow I’ve started 5…- are carved, I can begin making all the necks. Roger’s neck is the furthest along and the others will match pace soon enough.  I also began the buster…

Fanned Fret 6 Prototype

I’ve wanted to make a good fanned fret guitar since my first one attempted almost three years ago. Man has time flew. Anyways with more experience under my belt and some guidance from some of the great  friends and builders I’ve met online, I’ve decided to give this another try.  Aaron Brown from Blackwater guitars…

Imbuya | Korina

It’s done. It sounds simultaneously beautiful and menacing. Thanks to Joel grant for the wonderful fretwork and setup.