Halloween Horror Story – Rogers Build Saga

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d have read about my struggles with completing my friend Rogers guitar. First I screwed up on the finish and let the build sit for three years because I was so mad, then after painstakingly removing the finish with a scalpel I then proceeded to punch straight through…

“Hazelnut” Serial Build #010

The Shaper Origin is a Game Changer

“The Valiant” Serial Build #009

Finally finished. My “Treat Yo Self” present for matching into my 1st choice fellowship for Hospice and Palliative Medicine. She’s got some fine detail and wiring work to be 100% perfect but she already sounds beautiful. McNelly’s Saint Nick HSP90’S sound incredible and can handle the cleanest of cleans and the dirtiest of dirty. It’s…

Bahamut’s Frets

So I used my sharpening stone to file the sides. Worked well enough, and saved a ton of time. I also used y desk to bend the frets. i just used some pressure and pushed the wire in. only wasted about an inch. not bad eh? This neck is good to go.

Flossing the Fretboard

So I realized I waste a ton of time clearing out feet slots after each grit of sandpaper. I then tried to cut very thin strips o maple veneer to ill the slots but that failed miserably. I went to the bathroom and saw my dental floss on the sink. I really should use it…

Bahamut’s Head Scarf Glued

I love it when I can end the night with something glued and clamped! Tomorrow is truss rod routing time! And if I’m lucky ill be installing the T-nut bolt system like on my last build.

Bahamut’s Headstock pt. 2

This looks sharp now that’s its cleaned up. Now to cut the scarf and glue it up tonight!!! Then it’s time to route the truss rod channels for all of these as well as mount the T nuts.

Bahamut’s Headstock Pt. 2

Lots of progress today. Cut Bahamut’s headstock and laminate plate. Glued Ifrit’s laminate plate to the base of the headstock and used a hand belt sander to shave off a few mm from the top. Jormugandr’s neck scarf joint is smoothed. Found some bubinga for a headstock since the smaller scarf piece is just too…