Chisel & Ebony

I’ve never constructed a flat, fender style headstock before. For some reason or another I’ve always knocked them and honestly now I don’t know why. I’m able to churn out a neck twice if not three times as fast as one with a scarf joint and theres far less chance for errors along the way….

Proto 7 Progress

Each prototype gives me a chance to try out different techniques in guitar building. At the same time my goal is to minimize the total number of mistakes made in the process.  Here while. Gluing the neck despite a perfect fit to the fretboard,  I removed the drill bits from the fretboard too early after…

New Prototype 7 String in the Works

Today marks 6 years since I started this crazy obsession/hobby of mine. I made a baritone 7 string which was my first guitar created stateside. It was big, clunky, and a composite of what I thought I liked at the time. It was inspiring though, I did end up writing an entire EP with just…

Bodies & Necks

‚ÄčA lot of progress has been made. Updates will probably be spaced farther apart compared to previous years,  but at least this time I’m taking the time to use a nice camera. I’m lucky to be here in Vegas. It seems opportunity has found me; Low rent, rentable and super affordable workshop nearby that’s ultra…

Last of the Wood

Finally got my shipment from gilmer. Customer service wasn’t as great as I’d heard but they have fine product. Black Limba and here piece shedua necks. These will yield two necks if I don’t screw up.