Halloween Horror Story – Rogers Build Saga

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d have read about my struggles with completing my friend Rogers guitar. First I screwed up on the finish and let the build sit for three years because I was so mad, then after painstakingly removing the finish with a scalpel I then proceeded to punch straight through…

“Hazelnut” Serial Build #010

The Shaper Origin is a Game Changer

“The Valiant” Serial Build #009

Finally finished. My “Treat Yo Self” present for matching into my 1st choice fellowship for Hospice and Palliative Medicine. She’s got some fine detail and wiring work to be 100% perfect but she already sounds beautiful. McNelly’s Saint Nick HSP90’S sound incredible and can handle the cleanest of cleans and the dirtiest of dirty. It’s…

Final carve of the Burl Body

This looks nice. My technique after contouring the top is to take the dremel tool and sand away around the border to create a dip/lip. Then you sand to blend the difference. I use a black and decker mouse sander for that. Literally go to town on it until I like the way it looks….

Carving the Burl Body pt. 2

Started this today after gluing up the walnut flat top body. I’m gonna sandwich a piece of poplar as a contrasting piece in between the walnut and sapele. I still need to joint the body so I figured I’d just glue the poplar to the body and then joint it together. This time I’ll try…

Carving the Burl Body pt. 1

This stuff is tough. I found that the snap in microplabe blades aren’t as sharp as the others. I could have just had bad luck but the hacksaw rasp blade is just a beast. Removes so much stock so neatly it only takes a few seconds with some 80 grit to make it super smooth….