Back Again in Full Swing

I’m back!


Bevels Carved on Solo Builds

Ok these are all roughed in and caught up to eachother for now. On to finally finishing up Ganesh’s and Roger’s builds. After taking the break to move home I’d been away from woodworking so I needed to re-build my confidence before jumping back into those important builds. Luckily things have become easier so hopefully…

Anthony Murkar’s Handmade Hand Plane

I really don’t want technology to replace the hand plane. Nothing feels better than a fine tuned, razor sharp hand plane. This one in particular is a custom handmade creation by Mr. Anthony Murkar. He is a wonderful person and a very talented woodworker. This hand plane fits in the palm of my hand. It’s…

Cutting Fretboards

Took these fretboard blanks to get rough sawn on the bandsaw to the appropriate taper. It was a bit harder than usual cause the boards themselves weren’t squared. Either way I’m excited. Now to stick some sandpaper on a flat surface and true up the sides.

Getting Artsy

So I recently got the new iPhone 4s and I must say its pretty sweet. Used to be an iPhone hater but this phone has everything I need now, including a kick ass camera and some interesting camera apps. So I had to take some overly artsy photos showing what this thing can do. So…