Ifrit’s Neck Pocket pt. 1

Not too much going on. I figured I’d map out the neck pocket before I hollow out anything. Ill only be clearing out a 0.24 in pocket because the redwood top is so thick. Once I make the pocket then ill hog out the chambers and try to make it as roomy as possible. Advertisements

Cavities Routed & Electro socket Jack Installed

The bodywork is done. All that’s left for the body is just sanding through the grits. The electrosocket I bought because it looked cool. Didn’t realize it required a flat surface to mount so I decided to improvise. I used a one inch forstner bit to lightly create a lip for the flange to rest…

Neck T-Nuts Installed

Counter sink using 3/4 in forstner bit. Main hole is 5/16 in. T nuts tapped (hammered) in with a little epoxy for added security. I used the wood river forstner depth stop guide which worked beautifully.