Second Coat & Headstock Finish

Went in with small amounts of oil, maybe a drop or two at a time and some 400 grit paper and made a messy slurry and kept on working it into the wood. I’m not going for pore filling but it gives a super smooth surface and a nice sheen. I’ll go in with 600…

Veneer Trimmed and Rough Sanded!

The Dremel is an invaluable device for trimming this veneer down to size it leaves some rough 80 grit sand marks but those will come out with subsequent passes with Finer grits. The final set of pics are with mineral spirits applied.

Headstock shaped & Awaiting Veneer

Gotta figure out a way to calm this burl walnut veneer down. It’s buckled and curling like crazy. It’s also dry which isn’t the best thing. Anyhow once I figure this out ill place a contrasting maple veneer on the front with the bu on top, and a plain walnut veneer on the back to…

Ifrit’s Headstock

All done with the bakuma and a dremel trio pattern bit. These pictures are taken right after cutting and with a little naphtha to show the figure. I haven’t sanded anything yet so the wood is still super rough. It’s gonna look amazing once final standings complete and the finish process begins.

Final Headstock Shape

Ears are sturdy enough for me to remove the clamps. I can’t stress these joints for another 24 hrs. No problem. I’ll just draw the headstock shape in and see how everything looks.

Planing Done!

I found a very nice company that helped me plane my neck pieces. It’s a family owned company called JD cabinets in the Fountain Valley/ Santa Ana area. Mark and Steve were great to work with and I’ll probably be using this company for all the major cutting and planing work. All that’s left right…


This was actually harder than it seems. Also the place I ordered the parts from sent me 5 left and 2 right…which sucks. But I can find another. No biggie.