Jormugandr Neck Pocket pt. 1

God this part gives me the most grief. Lining up the neck and the body isn’t easy. First ill use a forstner bit to hog out wood then the router to clean it all up. Next step is a first fitting then time to clean up the sides and then glue the top! Final steps…

Tuning Machine Placement

I always hate this part. I always get a bit panicked when trying to arrange the tuning machines in the best possible way. i think this looks alright. I’m gonna have to get a 9/16 drill bit for this bass too.

Jormugandr’s Headstock

Today I cut jormugandr’s headstock. The bubinga looks stunning. Gonna use the lightly quilted maple with this one instead of redwood like it was planned before. I’m thinking the contrast would look much better.