Prototype #007-P

I will be keeping this model as a reminder to never rush and to always respect the process and deliberation of guitar building. 


Ganesh’s Neck Template & Koa’s FB

I wanted to make a perfect neck pocket for Ganesh’s build and so I mapped it all out and started mounting the side rails for the router when it began to rain. I’ll get back to it on Sunday. Just the neck pocket, cavities and neck shaping left. It’s nearly complete!!! His Indian rosewood fingerboard…

Bevels Carved on Solo Builds

Ok these are all roughed in and caught up to eachother for now. On to finally finishing up Ganesh’s and Roger’s builds. After taking the break to move home I’d been away from woodworking so I needed to re-build my confidence before jumping back into those important builds. Luckily things have become easier so hopefully…