Roasted Maple Carve Finished

Check this out. Used the microplane to hog the wood then the medium and extra fine Iwasaki rasps to fine tune the contour. Lastly I used the black and decker mouse detail sander using 80 grit. Took only seconds to get it smooth. Advertisements

Iwasaki Carving Rasps

A luthier talk forum member, Knarbens, made a beautiful seven string guitar a few weeks ago. In his build story he used Iwasaki rasps with amazing results. Up until now the only real rasps I’ve used have been the long bastard and cabinet rasps which are pretty crude. I switched to microplane which I swear…

Carving the Horn

So I finally started carving the burl maple top. I’ve been so enamored by the roasted maple I’ve neglected this build. The walnut top is also joined so now it’s time to take all these glue ups to a giant drum sander and make them flat and nice. After that it’s off to the workshop…

Chewbacca’s Neck & Body Contours

Intriguing title right? I figured since this guitar was literally all different shades of brown, Chewbacca would be a fitting name; not to mention it’s gonna sound like a beast. So I took some more pictures of the neck and fretboard. Gonna have to plane down a piece for the right ear of the headstock….

Carving the Upper Horn & Making Cavity Covers

So I did the usual upper horn carve, took way longer than necessary. Then I took out the EMG MMTW pickup I was going to use and figured out how much space I’d need for a cavity. The bass controls are like a guitars- just volume and tone, but this would require a battery and…