Sabah/Bulletwood Neck Pt. 1

Sabah Ebony is so beautiful!                                                        The last picture is after the third coat of Odies oil  Advertisements

Ganesh Rao’s Neck Fretted

This rosewood is looking amazing. Look at the figure and colors after the boards been sanded to 600. I applied two coats of odie’s oil and one coat of wood butter and buffed it till it shined. I then installed gold evo frets, man these look smart together.

My Finishing Tips and Tricks using Odie’s Oil & Wax Products

I love a good oil finish and have used many different brands over the past few years. Each product has their own use and application and has pro’s and cons. Im writing this on Odies Oil and Wax. The application process of this oil is very easy and great results can be obtained with very…

Sanded to 100 Grit & Burl top Glued

Ganesh Rao’s top is glued! It looks awesome and will make a fantastic guitar. Man sanding back this body wasn’t easy, that finish was way thicker than I wanted. Now that it’s sanded back entirely I can see how it really should look. I applied some mineral spirits after I sanded to 100 grit and…

I Hate Radiusing Fretboards

There’s nothing in the world of guitar building that I hate more than this. Now that I found a radius caul that matches the clamping caul I’ll just get my boards pre radiused and slotted. I don’t see a point in spending the time doing this. I might make a radius jig with Burris at…