So Far So Good! Onward!

Gotta trim the sides and make the neck all pretty. Then the neck pocket and threaded screws. OH and I just bought a 10 in drill press. Be excited! Advertisements

Sides Sanded and Rounded

I really should use my black and decker mouse sander more. It’s fantastic for smoothing irregularities on the sides when you don’t have an oscillating spindle. So I sanded the sides so I can pass the round over bit on the remaining edges of the back. The heel area itself will be carved to make…

Pau Ferro Fingerboards

These are for the burl and walnut 6 string guitars. Both 26 scale radiused to 20in . I had the salesperson at LMII pick out a very dark board for the burl top and had them draw the entire centerline which will make my life easier. I printed out the fretboard design from fretfind2d and…

All Necks Await Fretboards

All are now fitted with T-Nuts. I was a bit overzealous about hammering in some T-Nuts and one of mine on my personal build, got in crooked. Not a big deal, but frustrating nonetheless. I might just skip that bolt in the end and just go with three. Other than cosmetic reasons it’ll hold on…

Cutting Fretboards

Took these fretboard blanks to get rough sawn on the bandsaw to the appropriate taper. It was a bit harder than usual cause the boards themselves weren’t squared. Either way I’m excited. Now to stick some sandpaper on a flat surface and true up the sides.