Ifrit’s Neck Pocket pt. 2

So I used the templates stacked to route the neck pocket, which turned out nice and snug. Mapped out the tunin holes- I’m only using three of the four since I messed up on one badly . But it shouldn’t be a problem. This thing will hold together with two at a minimum. I realized…

Ifrit’s Neck Pocket pt. 1

Not too much going on. I figured I’d map out the neck pocket before I hollow out anything. Ill only be clearing out a 0.24 in pocket because the redwood top is so thick. Once I make the pocket then ill hog out the chambers and try to make it as roomy as possible.

Ifrit’s Chamber Layout

This is going to be an exciting build. I feel a lot more confident using my little router too. So I cleaned up the sides and rounded the bottom. There are still some rough areas but they’ll get worked out later. The pickups I’ve chosen to work with this semi hollow body are the Supermassive…

Ifrit’s Headstock

All done with the bakuma and a dremel trio pattern bit. These pictures are taken right after cutting and with a little naphtha to show the figure. I haven’t sanded anything yet so the wood is still super rough. It’s gonna look amazing once final standings complete and the finish process begins.