Imbuya | Korina

It’s done. It sounds simultaneously beautiful and menacing. Thanks to Joel grant for the wonderful fretwork and setup. Advertisements

Roasted Maple Lives!!!

Gonna touch up some areas on the neck profile but other than that this thing is pretty sweet! Joel gave me some great pointers and some advice for the next builds going forward. Thanks Joel!

Roasted Maple Goodness off to Joel!

Strung up and ready for the usual treatment from Joel Grant over at Grants Guitars. If you’re in the Orange County area and play guitar, pay him a visit and geek out on guitars for a while. Hopefully I can get this back sooner than later, I know he’s busy but man I’m excited to…

I’ve got New Wood!!!

Thank you Jon Clark! He’s got an amazing selection of unique woods and his packing of materials is amazing. Super nice guy as well. Message evolved_insanity on the luthiertalk forums for more info! We have here: Three Super Curly Roasted Maple necks Figured imbuya flat top Figured makore flat top Massive horse chestnut carved top…

Necks Fretted & Headstocks Shaped

This is getting easier. The frets were seated nicely and matched the corresponding radius of each board. Joel Grant showed me his way of fretting a board so that’s how I’ve been doing it with pretty good results. I tidied up the roasted maple headstock so now the triple veneer shows through. After some mineral…

Back Veneers for Burl and Roasted Maple Builds

Yes I used a pepper shaker as a curved clamp caul. The three ply veneer I made for the roasted maple build was absolutely too stiff to bend. I figured I’d give it a shot to hear the bottom part and to slowly bend it into shape. I sprayed some water and ironed it until…

Dominions Arrive

Just got my order from The Axe Palace. Nick suggested I try these instead of the Titans id ordered before. I ordered black bobbins with gold pole pieces to fit the look of the wood and the unplated bridge with black saddles. I think it’ll look great together.

Roasted Maple Carve Finished

Check this out. Used the microplane to hog the wood then the medium and extra fine Iwasaki rasps to fine tune the contour. Lastly I used the black and decker mouse detail sander using 80 grit. Took only seconds to get it smooth.

Rounding and Truing

Had a scare today. I fed my roasted maple guitar into the router table at too acute of an angle and the top horn just burst. After looking at the damage I just sawed off as little as possible to rebuild the horn. It’s smaller but still looks great! Better yet I now have two…

Top Glued and Templates Bandsawed

Spend some time at the Downtown Artist Space in LA. Burris was super helpful and helped me get started at the bandsaw. For my first time using it I think I did really well. I managed to cut out the head plate shapes, head scarfs, body and tops. I also got the templates cut and…

Ready for Cutting and Routing

After my haircut I managed to make it to Reta’s Cabinets owned by Rudy Reta. Super nice guy who’s been helping me shave hours off my sanding time with the huge sanding machine you see in the picture. The two giant rolls sand from 80 to 120 so the final product is pretty awesome looking….

Truing and Gluing pt. 2

Walnut top trued and glued. I also sketched out the carve areas in order to visualize them better. I’m determined to move away from the whole chamfered armrest thing. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that it’s associated with blackmachine too much and is way overused. These carves aren’t original, but they…