Bahamut’s Head Scarf Glued

I love it when I can end the night with something glued and clamped! Tomorrow is truss rod routing time! And if I’m lucky ill be installing the T-nut bolt system like on my last build.

Scarf Joint was Yes!

Yup. Scarf joint was a success. There was an ample amount of glue squeeze out from each area, and with 600lbs of pressure for over 24 hrs should have left the joint stronger than the wood itself! Now time to glue the ears on the headstock and take it to JD Cabinets for some jointing…

Gluing the scarf!

This was terrifying. I just looked at both pieces and said to myself… What if I screw up… Then I said who cares, it’s just wood. I scratched up the mating surfaces just to give the glue more to work with. I jut assumed that if the joining area is too smooth, it won’t stick…

All Ready For Planing

The scarf joint is all ready. Time to get it planed. Since I don’t have the necessary tools I’m gonna get this done at a nearby lumber yard. Then it’s the final fitting, gluing of the scarf and headplate and routing of the truss rod. That will be done with my deremel trio. Let’s pray…

Truing the Scarf Joint

The scarf joint is cut but looks quite jagged. Typically people use routers on jigs for a perfect cut but I’m more likely to injure myself in the process as I have no idea how to properly use a router. Using a hand saw on a piece of hardwood is tough. I have a small…

Ghetto Mitre Jiggery

So… How hard can it really be? And yes I used an iPhone protractor…don’t hate.

Neck Scarf Piece

I’m gonna try to use as much wood from this blank as possible. So I drew out the neck scarf part along the straight grain and hopefully when I get some time I’ll jigsaw all this out. Man I wish I had a bandsaw.

The Dreaded Scarf Joint

Now here’s the hard part; trying to figure out whether or not I want to use the over or under method of making the scarf joint. The biggest question is: which method will produce the strongest joint?