Truing the Scarf Joint

The scarf joint is cut but looks quite jagged. Typically people use routers on jigs for a perfect cut but I’m more likely to injure myself in the process as I have no idea how to properly use a router. Using a hand saw on a piece of hardwood is tough. I have a small…

Ghetto Mitre Jiggery

So… How hard can it really be? And yes I used an iPhone protractor…don’t hate.

The Dreaded Scarf Joint

Now here’s the hard part; trying to figure out whether or not I want to use the over or under method of making the scarf joint. The biggest question is: which method will produce the strongest joint?


Didn’t have any tracing paper or carbon paper to work with so I improvised with some sticky label paper I’d bought years ago. Used that to transfer the approximate outline to the various tops to see which one I’d end up using. After cutting the fretboard shape out and wiping the surfaces with mineral spirits…

Neck Layout

This part was fun. First I made the all important centerline on both the fretboard and neck slab. Then traced the fretboard onto the neck slab. Then taped the nut on and began drawing the headstock. The nut was a mm big on either side but I’ll grind that off later. This neck is gonna…

Cutting Fretwire..

I couldn’t find decent wire cutters or pliers anywhere so I used the deadblow hammer and a sharp chisel. I put that wasted piece of padauk to use as a chisel/cutting board. So far nothings gone to waste! Woot!

The Goods…

I decided to go with Wenge for the body, Paduk for the Neck and Teak for the fretboard