New Year | New Projects

Since Instagram became a thing for me I have neglected this blog considerably. It’s been about 7 months since my last post and even that post was delayed by some. Since the last post I’ve been featured in Shaper Origins “Shaper Origin in Action” community series which showcases Origin users and their experiences. It was…

Halloween Horror Story – Rogers Build Saga

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d have read about my struggles with completing my friend Rogers guitar. First I screwed up on the finish and let the build sit for three years because I was so mad, then after painstakingly removing the finish with a scalpel I then proceeded to punch straight through…

“The Valiant” Serial Build #009

Finally finished. My “Treat Yo Self” present for matching into my 1st choice fellowship for Hospice and Palliative Medicine. She’s got some fine detail and wiring work to be 100% perfect but she already sounds beautiful. McNelly’s Saint Nick HSP90’S sound incredible and can handle the cleanest of cleans and the dirtiest of dirty. It’s…

Jormugandr’s T-Nut Neck System Installed

This baby’s ready for the fretboard. Just gotta cut out the rough shape so my clamps can grip it properly. This bass neck should be finished by this weekend hopefully.

Neck T-Nuts Installed

Counter sink using 3/4 in forstner bit. Main hole is 5/16 in. T nuts tapped (hammered) in with a little epoxy for added security. I used the wood river forstner depth stop guide which worked beautifully.

T-Nuts & Bolts

The batch of T nuts and bolts came in along with my Forster bits and Forster bit depth stop thingy. Now i just need a couple microplane rasps.