New Year | New Projects

Since Instagram became a thing for me I have neglected this blog considerably. It’s been about 7 months since my last post and even that post was delayed by some. Since the last post I’ve been featured in Shaper Origins “Shaper Origin in Action” community series which showcases Origin users and their experiences. It was…

Halloween Horror Story – Rogers Build Saga

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d have read about my struggles with completing my friend Rogers guitar. First I screwed up on the finish and let the build sit for three years because I was so mad, then after painstakingly removing the finish with a scalpel I then proceeded to punch straight through…

“The Valiant” Serial Build #009

Finally finished. My “Treat Yo Self” present for matching into my 1st choice fellowship for Hospice and Palliative Medicine. She’s got some fine detail and wiring work to be 100% perfect but she already sounds beautiful. McNelly’s Saint Nick HSP90’S sound incredible and can handle the cleanest of cleans and the dirtiest of dirty. It’s…

Final Coat on Body

Three coats like the test piece. One huge soak coat; basically just drown it in oil. Constantly brush it on all the places that drink it up. Let that sit for a few days. I left it for three days didn’t wipe off too much Two- use 400 grit and drop after drop, work it…

Neck Carved/Sanded/Finished

Used my microplane rasps while watching pulp fiction. Then carved it freehand while watching serenity. I then sanded to 600 and oiled it lightly while watching Goldfinger. Long ass time but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t worth it. These pictures don’t do the monterillo any justice. So much chatoyance that it’s mesmerizing.

First Soak Coat

Oh man. Dis walnut…. This guitar just drinks the oil up.

Top Carved and Sanded to 120

Smoothed out the lip and sanded to 120 grit. It’s gonna be sanded further to 220 then oiled; But that’s after the neck pocket and control cavity’s routed and bridge drilled. The missing ear is now glued onto the headstock and I found the knob I’m gonna use. Things are coming together!

Sides Sanded and Rounded

I really should use my black and decker mouse sander more. It’s fantastic for smoothing irregularities on the sides when you don’t have an oscillating spindle. So I sanded the sides so I can pass the round over bit on the remaining edges of the back. The heel area itself will be carved to make…

Chewbacca’s Neck & Body Contours

Intriguing title right? I figured since this guitar was literally all different shades of brown, Chewbacca would be a fitting name; not to mention it’s gonna sound like a beast. So I took some more pictures of the neck and fretboard. Gonna have to plane down a piece for the right ear of the headstock….