So Far So Good! Onward!

Gotta trim the sides and make the neck all pretty. Then the neck pocket and threaded screws. OH and I just bought a 10 in drill press. Be excited! Advertisements

Sides Sanded and Rounded

I really should use my black and decker mouse sander more. It’s fantastic for smoothing irregularities on the sides when you don’t have an oscillating spindle. So I sanded the sides so I can pass the round over bit on the remaining edges of the back. The heel area itself will be carved to make…

Chewbacca’s Neck & Body Contours

Intriguing title right? I figured since this guitar was literally all different shades of brown, Chewbacca would be a fitting name; not to mention it’s gonna sound like a beast. So I took some more pictures of the neck and fretboard. Gonna have to plane down a piece for the right ear of the headstock….

F*ck Yeah Walnut!

Sweet Jesus this walnut is gorgeous. It shines and it hasn’t even been sanded past 80 grit!!! The neck is tiger rosewood. Splinters when routed but looks fantastic. Reminds me of Macassar ebony almost. It’s very dense and inexpensive. I’m going to have to upgrade to a better router sometime soon. Also I really need…

Tiger Rosewood Neck Blanks

Never heard of this stuff but its not that pricey and has an extremely nice and solid tap tone. I can tell already that this is gonna be perfect for the maple burl topped/ sapele backed twins. Now to just find an appropriate fretboard wood. I’m thinking pau ferro. It looks spectacular and takes a…