Roasted Maple + Tru- oil

I think I’ve found a match here. Teak oil darkened the roasted maple top to the point where the figure was barely noticeable. Tru oil darkens a bit but makes the golden highlights pop!

Carving the Burl Body pt. 1

This stuff is tough. I found that the snap in microplabe blades aren’t as sharp as the others. I could have just had bad luck but the hacksaw rasp blade is just a beast. Removes so much stock so neatly it only takes a few seconds with some 80 grit to make it super smooth….

Top Glued and Templates Bandsawed

Spend some time at the Downtown Artist Space in LA. Burris was super helpful and helped me get started at the bandsaw. For my first time using it I think I did really well. I managed to cut out the head plate shapes, head scarfs, body and tops. I also got the templates cut and…

First Soak Coat

Oh man. Dis walnut…. This guitar just drinks the oil up.

Chewbacca’s Neck & Body Contours

Intriguing title right? I figured since this guitar was literally all different shades of brown, Chewbacca would be a fitting name; not to mention it’s gonna sound like a beast. So I took some more pictures of the neck and fretboard. Gonna have to plane down a piece for the right ear of the headstock….

Neck Done + First Coat

The back on this bass has such depth. It’s kinda mesmerizing. Anyhow the neck is done and the first coat is applied. I only intend on doing around 3-4 thin coats just for some protection. When it’s finished ill bolt it all up and well hear some first sounds.

Neck Carving and Final Coats

Final coat is on the body. Gonna wait a few days then gonna wet sand using micro mesh up to 12000. Then gonna let it sit and polish with finesse it II and a hand glaze. Also finalized the volute and carve of the neck. Tonight ill knock the center down to size and final…